Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sultan: The Warrior is for my Appa, says Soundarya

"It's a daughter's gift to her father" - that's how Soundarya, daughter of Tamil superstar Rajnikant, describes her full-length animation film "Sultan: The Warrior" to be released Nov this year.

Addressing mediapersons after a special screening of the second trailer of the much-awaited film, Soundarya sounded thrilled over producing the first-ever animation film made around an Indian actor.

She also confessed that her Appa (father) was initially very hesitant to play the role. She was happy, however, that he agreed after "all his apprehension were allayed".

Except Rajnikant, all the characters would be animated. The superstar would have his "jodi" (female opposite). Further details about the movie, however, are strictly under wraps.

The film, being made at a cost of $10 million by Adlabs, along with Soundarya's own Ocher Studio, will be released in 12 languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English.

Soundarya said that the film is a "collective effort of 80 of us from the Ocher Studio".

The second trailer showed Rajnikant fighting the villains in his familiar style.

A.R. Rahman scores the music for the film, which will have four songs. One of these will be in English, and the search is on for a Western singer.

Rajini goes to Himalayas

Superstar Rajinikanth, who has the habit of visiting Himalayas at least once a year, has flown there to have a break before starting his new project.

He will visit the Baba Temple located in Himalayas. He will be staying in the cave of Baba Temple for a couple of weeks for meditation.

Rajini left for Badhrinath after receiving the NDTV award for the Best Entertainer of 2008 in New Delhi. He went to Himalayas by walk from Badhrinath. Two of his close friends have gone with him to the temple.

Staying in the cave and mediating seem to be the secret of Rajini’s energy and the balanced mind with which he handles the incredible fame.

Rajini will go for the shooting of his forthcoming movie ‘Kuselan’, directed by P. Vasu after coming back from the Himalayas.

Padmapriya: down to earth

Padmapriya, who takes up experimental and challenging roles in films, is also interested in experimenting with challenging trips in her personal life. Whenever she finds time, she sets off for a tour, carrying just two sets of dresses.

The passionate traveler has seen all the places in Kerala. Recently she went to the tribal areas of Orissa. She interacted with the tribal people with the help of a translator. She ate whatever they gave and stayed with them without any discomfort. It was a tedious and challenging trip. “I used to walk up to 30 kilometer per day in the tribal areas”, says the actress.

She went to the area with the help of Samatha, an NGO, based in Visagapattinam. She stayed there for one week.

The talented actor, known for her realistic portrayal of her characters believes that, every actor should experience the real world that exists outside the tinsel town. Is anybody else interested?

Sneha to pair with Kalanjiyam?

Director M Kalanjiyam, who received the Best Scriptwriter Award for his movie ‘Kizhakkum Merkum’, has decided to appear before the camera. He is said to have approached the leading heroine Sneha to act with him as his pair. The smiling beauty is yet to accept the offer.

Kalanjiyam is now making ‘Kalagam’ in which Dalit Panthers’ leader Thirumavalavan is acting. The leader is growing beard for the movie. The shooting will start by the month end.

It is not known whether Kalanjiam would act in ‘Kalagam’ or he is planning to act in another film. If he acts in ‘Kalagam’ and gets Sneha’s nod to pair up with him, then who would be the real hero of the movie, in which Thiruma is playing a role?

Shriya sends apology letters

Shriya, who courted trouble by coming to ‘Sivaji’s silver jubilee function in a skimpy outfit, has now sent apology letters to the Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, director Shankar, and superstar Rajinikanth.
Shriya has stated that she had no intention of insulting anybody by coming to the function in a sexy outfit. According to the letter, she had come directly from a shooting for a Hindi film ‘Mission Istanbul’. “I have no intention to insult the dignitaries or the sentiments of Tamils or Hindus. I seek apologies for my act”, was her appeal in the letter.

We hope that the controversy will die after this letter.

A pat on the back!

The overall atmosphere of Tamil film world is fast becoming healthier these days. We can see a lot of creative experiments being tried and more professionalism being brought in with the arrival of corporate companies. In addition to these developments, there is a welcome change in the attitude of the stars. They move with more friendliness and seek to make it a healthy competition rather than a bitter one.
We can site the example of leading stars like Vijay, Suriya, and Madhavan viewing ‘Billa’ and appreciating Ajith’s performance. The so-called and much hyped cold war between Ajith and Vijay is nowhere in sight.

Now Vijay has appreciated the efforts of younger actors Bharath and Silambarasan for their respective performances in their latest films that came out on Pongal day. Vijay is said to have hugged Silambarasan to complement him for his acting in ‘Kaalai’. He has also praised Bharath for his “amazing performance in the fighting sequences” in ‘Pazhani’.

Bharath is on cloud nine, as he has been “appreciated by his role model”. He has decided to continue to act in action movies. He also has plans to team up with director Perarasu again.

Vikram-Selva come together

With the entire struggle and hurdles for the past two years he faced, the dedicated actor finally can have a sigh of relief. His long awaited "Bheema" has finally hit the screens and is running successfully.
Now, Vikram is fully focused on his upcoming venture "Kandaswamy" directed by Susi Ganesan and produced by 'Kalaipuli' S.Dhanu. Vikram says this movie will be a visual treat to all and children will love this movie. Get set to see Chiyaan as a Super Hero.

So whats next for Vikram?

In a press meet held at Chennai, Vikram confirmed his venture after Kandhasamy. He will be joining hands with ace director Selvaraghavan, whose passion for realistic cinema is clearly evident from his earlier blockbusters. Selva is currently busy with "Ayirathal Oruvan" starring Paruthiveeran fame Karthik. Work on the new project will begin, when the two are finished with their existing commitments. Vikram is always known for his commitment to only one project at a time and that dedication was very evident in Bheema.

Stay tuned to IndiaGlitz for further updates on this latest announcement.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

All the best ISAI ARUVI

Isai Aruvi launched today around 11:00 IST. The channel has started by playing kalaignar written film song followed by Billa, Beema and Kaalai songs. The channel is of good clarity and digital sound. It is rumored that most of the Sun Music DJs have already shifted to Isai Aruvi to do the programs. The logo of the Isa aruvi looks similar to the Kalaignar tv logo.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kaalai - Review

What happens when three men with distinctly different qualities and status share the same name? Well, that is the basic plot that gives an alluring lead into the movie.

Simbu, the villain and a cop share the same name. All three get linked up in the plot. The main story begins with a flashback. Seema (Simbu's grandmother) rules the village. Nobody questions her orders; all bow to her superior wisdom. Why does this old woman command such great respect and reverence?

When she was barely ten, Seema had killed five illicit liquor brewers in the village to demonstrate her obedience to her father orders. Thus began her recognition as a born leader, accepted and worshipped by the villagers. Lal is a cop, a terrible, crooked, wicked cop. He comes into the village, ostensibly to spot and stop unlawful activities, but misuses his power and position to harm Sangeetha, a member of Seema's family. But the villagers, devotees of Seema, teach Lal a fitting lesson. Lal takes an oath to extract his revenge; in due course, he burns Seema alive.

This brutal killing affects Simbu. With a quiet will, he vows to pay the malicious inspector back in his own coin. With this plan, he begins by going out of his way to woo and charm Vedhika, daughter of Lal.

Simbu's all-round performance is enthralling. His dance steps in 'Kutti Pisaase' are just mind-blowing. Vedhika is a glamour doll who lights up the frames. Lal has done his role well. Seema's role is refreshing and different.

R.D. Rajasekar's camera is the crowning glory of Kaalai. Each scene is like a poem; the camera has moved with verve and will, maintaining a fine balance between art and mundane values. One song has been shot in Venice. Nila appears in an item number. G.V. Prakash has given fast numbers for Kaalai. 'Guthka Lakhidi' and 'Vanduttaanda Kaalai' are two outstanding songs in the six energetic numbers.

Bheemaa - Review

For the makers, artists and technicians who have worked for Bheemaa, and for eager fans of Chiyan Vikram, all of whom have been eagerly awaiting its grand release - the long wait is over. Now, as the movie joins the Pongal blast, it's celebration time for all of them! Does Bheemaa meet fans' expectations? Vehemently, YES!

Chinna (Prakashraj) and Periyavar (Raghuvaran) are local gangsters who operate separate rowdy groups with a power war between them. Chinna was Periyavar's loyal follower before he was expelled from the group by the then-mighty Periyavar. Chinna does not forget Periyavar's insults and Periyavar now feels challenged by Chinna's growth that interferes with his hegemony.

Sekhar (Vikram) relocates to the city from Rameshwaram. With the single-minded plan to join Chinna, he bravely kills two men who are on Chinna's hit-list. Curious, Chinna enquires from his close aide (Thalaivasal Vijay) about the bold and baffling killer. Soon Chinna and Sekhar meet each other. Sekhar's flashback reveals the reason for his actions.

In the flashback, Sekhar reveals that Chinna, then a budding rowdy in Rameshwaram, had attacked a goonda who was insulting Sekhar's father (a police constable). While leaving the crime scene, Chinna had handed over the weapon to young Sekhar. Since that day, Sekhar idolized brave Chinna and wanted to follow his footsteps. Chinna immediately appoints Sekhar as his chief subordinate. With Sekhar by his side, Chinna attains great strength, and rights Periyavar's wrongs. Sekhar also unites Chinna with his childhood sweetheart Padma (Lakshmi Gopalswamy).

With blind devotion, Sekhar carries out his allotted agenda of terrorizing, beating and killing. Gangster politics flare up when Sekhar kills Periyavar's sons and some of his key men. The Commissioner of Police (Ashish Vidyarthi) is the leader of 'Operation Bheemaa' aimed at stopping the two gangster groups terrorizing the city. The Commissioner has a 'shoot at sight' order against all members of these groups.

Sekhar's life takes a sudden turn when he meets Shalini (Trisha). After a string of chance meetings, Shalini and Sekhar begin to like each other. Shalini wants to marry Sekhar at once. But Sekhar sees his profession and family as major minus points. Soon, a decisive moment arrives.

While escorting Chinna to a meeting, Sekhar, smitten by Shalini, gets distracted. Feeling guilty, Sekhar confesses his mistake and gives up his job, but not for long. His devotion to Chinna drives him back to Chinna's camp. Sekhar waits for the right moment to quit the life of crime to enable him to unite with Shalini. Before that, he has to vanquish Periyavar and his men, has to intelligently elude the wrath of his own group, and also has to survive the police encounter.

Does Sekhar fulfill his desire to lead a quiet life with his dear Shalini? Does this film have a 'happy ending'? What happens in the final climax? Find out when you watch remarkable Bheemaa on the silver screen!

Bheemaa is a gangster film, dealing with underworld life, but it has a new grittiness and edge to it. It is difficult to imagine any artist other than Vikram in such a powerful role. Vikram breathes life and credibility to the character Sekhar and portrays its contemporary overtones convincingly. We get to see Vikram with a tough look - close-cropped hair, dense beard and small ear studs. His physique and body language communicate the character he portrays - vibrant, tough and unpredictable.

Prakashraj's involvement and acting are glowing, as ever. Raghuvaran appears on screen after a hiatus! He pulls off his role with his usual coolness, to the degree of likeability. Ashish Vidyarthi's performance is impressive. Trisha is glossy and lovely. The highlight of her role is well-delineated when, with her charming romance and a strong poise, she tames the beast, the tough thug Sekhar.

Antony's editing, Rajeevan's art and Harris Jayaraj's music - all shine through cameraman R.D. Rajasekar's lens. Though this is RD's first film with Vikram and Lingusamy, the understanding and planning is evident in each shot. RD has aptly used the action script to display his creative talents too. S. Ramakrishnan's dialogues have a realistic touch. Kanal Kannan's stunts deserve special mention.

'Mudhal Mazhai' and 'Ragasiya Kanavugal' in Harris's music top the charts. 'Rangu Rangamma' is a dance number with glamorous Shirin on a ship, exclusively decorated for the sequence.

Bheemaa is smartly written and stylishly crafted by Lingusamy. It is the outcome of one-and-half years of sweat and slog; the result cannot be anything but positive.

Pazhani - Review

As promised by the tag line, Pazhani is indeed a commercial potpourri. Perarasu has taken up the familiar brother-sister sentiment for Pazhani and it has worked out favourably.

Bharath is the affectionate brother and guardian angel of his elder sister Khusbu. Khusbu knowledge is limited to maintaining the home and showering unconditional love on her one and only brother Bharath. Obviously, she is not aware of her husband Biju Menon's other life. A businessman, Menon maintains another family that he has coolly set up with mistress Aishwarya. Menon, trapped by her magical charm, has a wild and irresistible lust for Aishwarya. During one of his weak moments, he drafts a will, naming Aishwarya as the sole owner of his entire property after his demise. Aishwarya's assistant (Raj Kapoor) is the mastermind behind all her wily ways.

Bharath, after spending a period in jail, comes to meet his loving sister Khusbu. Incidentally, Bharath comes to know about his brother-in-law's sly ways and the double game he is playing with his sister. Angry and affected, Bharath vows to protect Khusbu from the emotional assault and to expose Menon's true colours.

How he unites his loving sister Khusbu with her husband forms the rest of the story. Working in his task to reveal the scam played by Menon, Bharath wages a relentless battle with Menon, Aishwarya and Raj Kapoor. In between, he takes romantic breaks, dancing and singing with Kajal Aggarwal. So there is enough action, romance and sentiment to savour in Pazhani.

Bharath has shed the aura of the soft lover-boy that has been around him for long. His action sequences in Pazhani are excellent and show the hard work and interest he has showed in working for this role. Kajal Aggarwal is pretty, glamorous and does her job satisfactorily. Khusbu, as usual, has given a sterling performance. Raj Kapoor shines as the new villain. His words and expressions spew enough venom on his enemies.

Srikanth Deva, Perarasu's favorite music director, has fulfilled his expected role. The songs belong to the trendy 'Kuthu' type. Perarasu has sung a foot-tapping number along with Suchitra. He has also handled the story, screenplay and direction, in addition to penning the lyrics for the songs.

Had the brother-sister sentiment been portrayed with more depth, audiences would have been able to empathize even more effectively with their trials and tribulations. Pazhani will definitely please the masses.

Pirivoam Sandhippoam - Review

Family plot-based films familiarly deal with familial bonding, feuds, follies. follow? But though family plot-based, Pirivoam... differs. Hence, it succeeds. The story and director are the actual hero/ heroine in the film, driving it ahead. Pirivoam... deals with family relationships and group dynamics within a family.

The story deals with some of their attitudes, the respect and loyalty the younger generation in this family shows towards the family's seniors, along with their bitter-sweet moments, losses, gains and celebrations.

Sneha, with an urban background, marries Cheran and steps into a large traditional joint family with 35 members. Though the group dynamics of a large family initially overwhelm her, she adjusts to the same. She follows the traditional norms of the household and dutifully accepts family practices. For young Sneha, the relatives' presence and relative interference appeals as a rare treasure in the increasingly independent life; she basks in marital bliss, secure in the caring cocoon of her husband's loving family, blooming in the midst of fond and caring family members of all sizes, ages and quirks. She thinks she cannot survive even a single day if separated from this lovable family. Predictable, to move Cheran's story forward, Sneha is forced to vacate this warm nest. Alone, she feels lost, incomplete, longing for the warm support she had got used to.

Why did she leave the house? Will she return? Will she end the story thus? Who/ what circumstance will rescue her?

Beautiful Sneha lingers on audiences' minds as Sala. Her plight wrings audiences' hearts to a great deal. Cheran shines with his natural performance. It is difficult to isolate each artist's performance in Pirivoam..Jayaram as the psychiatrist impresses with his excellent performance. Without the valuable support of the remaining large cast, the movie would not have been this striking. Neither Cheran nor Sneha has 'sung' in the movie; the director says there is no situation which requires them to break out into song. A grand Chettinad wedding was created exclusively for the film creating immense grandeur and authenticity.

Vidyasagar's tunes for Pirivoam... are based on pure melody. 'Kandaen Kandaen's' melodious tune resembles the yesteryear hit 'Andimazhai Pozhigiradhu'. 'Kandum Kanamal' transports the listeners to a different world and 'Iru Vizhiyo' is charming, with a sweet and immediate appeal evoking the joyful mood. Karu Pazhaniappan has crafted a saga that gracefully stresses the importance of relationships and family values. His apt and sharp dialogues aptly convey the intended emotions.

Pirivoam Sandhippoam has possibly started an inspiring trend to change the idiom of modern Tamil cinema.

Vazhthugal - Review

Vazhthugal is a story about love, not just love between a man and woman but the love and affection within an entire family.

Madhavan is a successful entrepreneur, socially responsible and an affectionate and dutiful son. He runs Amma, a software company that is also involved in charitable activities. But Maddy is not a happy man. Though an eligible bachelor in the prime of youth, he shuns marriage. Why? Because he views marriage as an arrangement to separate the loving son from his affectionate parents. He firmly believes that his 'Amma old age home' is filling up with a steady stream of abandoned parents because modern married girls are brainwashing their husbands to banish their parents to old age homes. According to him, wives are dangerous creatures who mercilessly cut off family relationships. Careful not to involve himself in the mess, Maddy avoids marriage.

Bhavana, a winner in the young achievers slot, appears on TV and declares she owes her success and achievement to the support of her large family. She remarks that she has scaled great heights in life only because of her happy childhood.

Impressed by her attitude, Maddy sets out to meet and woo her. He goes to her college along with his friend Venkat Prabhu. After failing in all his efforts to ignite her interest, Maddy finds an appropriate opportunity when he learns that her family is searching for a good interior designer to renovate their traditional family home.

Though not familiar with interior design, Maddy takes help from a skilled designer and undertakes the job himself. What follows? A gripping family drama! Maddy as usual is lively and effortlessly carries out his job well.

Bhavana is bubbly and charming and shares great onscreen chemistry with Madhavan.

Avoiding English words in dialogues, offering elaborate introductions to the characters during the first part of the movie and conceiving idealistic characters who are principled and flawless are Seeman's imprints in this movie.

Music by Yuvanshankar Raja has produced some hummable tunes. 'Endan Vaanamum' and 'Chinna Chinna' are soft numbers that establish the mood perfectly.

Had it been polished with stronger characterizations and more convincing situations, Vazhthugal would have evolved as an even more poignant family tale!

Simran, GV Prakash in Rajini`s Kuselan

The days after the official announcement on Kuselan have been busy for director P Vasu with him zeroing on the other crew of the movie.

It was already announced that Pasupathi would play the important role of Superstar’s friend in the movie. Now Simran has been chosen to play Pasupathi’s wife.

This will indeed be a very good re-entry for Simran as she was not getting right opportunities in Tamil after she decided to came a comeback post marriage and baby. She also missed out on a chance to act in Chandramukhi.

G. V. Prakash Kumar the nephew of veteran film composer A.R. Rahman will be composing the music for this movie Kuselan. The young 20 year old was introduced as a film composer in the critically acclaimed Tamil film Veyil, directed by Vasanthabalan. He has also composed music for Kireedom, Polladhavan, Oram Po, Kaalai.

Valluvan Vasuki Tamil Movie Stills

Produced by A.M. Vasakkam and V.S. Kumaran under the banner of Kamalam Kalaikoodam Productions, Valluvan Vasuki is a film directed by K. Bharathi.

Sathya and Swetha play the lead roles in this movie. There are a total of 6 songs in the film. S.A. Rajkumar also dances in a song in this movie Valluvan Vasuki. This song in which he dances has been penned, sung and composed by S.A Rajkumar himself.

The story is about the Konar dynasty. Actor Ranjith plays a character from the Konar community, which is based on a real-life person.

Valluvan vasaki photo gallery

Yaavarum Nalam is Channel in Bollywood

Yavarum Nalam is the Madhavan, Neetu Chandra starrer bilingual which is directed by Vikram Kumar of Alai fame. The movie will be released in Tamil and Hindi and the title of the movie will be Channel in Hindi.

Yavarum Nalam is a thriller, about some mysterious happenings in an 13th floor apartment complex. Madhavan’s character is the only person to be aware of the things around. How he saves his family form the crux.

Madhavan’s Leelai is ready for release. He is also acting in the movie Endrendrum Anandham with Shruti hassan as his is pair. Shruti Haasan, who makes her debut in this movie. Produced by Gnanam and music scored by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

Mansoor`s Kanthasamy connection

Mansoor Ali Khan is back in cinema as the baddie in the Vikram, Shriya starrer ‘Kanthasamy’. After suffering a setback in his film as well as political aspirations, it seems that the actor is now in a mood to make amends. He is seriously considering reviving back his sagging acting career by making the right moves. The actor is convinced of his poor take as a hero and has now agreed to settle down for any interesting character roles to perk up his career.

The positive response came from director Susi Ganesan who was out on a hunt for a villain for Vikram and Shriya starrer ‘Kanthaswamy’. So we can see Mansoor making a comeback in Kanthaswamy.

Bips Babe with Ajith

After the humongous success of Billa Ajith is all set to start his next movie with Raju Sundaran in Hong Kong on the 18th of this month. Ajith has already flown to Hong Kong for this and the shooting will have some fight scenes picturised on Ajith.

Raju Sundaram who was almost at his wits end finding a suitable co-star for this Ajith starrer flick is believed to have finally settled down for Bollywood bombshell Bipasha Basu. Raju is said to have paid a huge sum and signed the actress on.

Ajith who is now the proud papa of a baby girl is missing his daughter already. He calls her by her pet name ‘Jaan’ and is going to name his little angel very soon.

MarmaYogi ready to rock

Marmayoghi is all set to start by the third week of February. The film which was initally produced under the banner of Bharath Bala will now be co-produced by none other than Walt Disney Productions.

Bharat who has earlier worked with AR Rahman in Vande Mataram has roped in the Mozart of Madras in this film. It will also see Kamal Hassan and AR Rahman coming together again.

Marma Yoghi is a historical story, set in the seventh century. The film is also said to become the most expensive film in India with the budget exceeding 120 crore. Rajinikanth’s Robot with a budget of more than 100 crore will be stiff competation for Marmayogi.

Marmayogi is the remake of 1951 MGR and Anjali Devi starrer movie with the same name. The story is based on the novel by Marie Corelli - Vendetta, A Story of One Forgotten.

Hema Malini has already been signed for the movie. The hunt for the other heroines(two more) is on. Buzz is that Asin is one of the heroines. Kamal has made a trip to Thailand to find out suitable locations for Marmayogi.
Asin has has three releases this year. Pokkiri, Aalwar and Vel. Two of her movies have gone on to be superhits. Her next Tamil release would be Kamal Hassan starrer ‘Dasavatharam’ that is expected to hit the stands sometime next summer.

There was a buzz in the industry a few days back that Asin has vacated her chennai home and shifted to mumbai. The surprised actress clarifies that she has moved to mumbai temporarily due to her commitment to Ghajini in which she is paired opposite to Amir Khan. The schooting of Ghajini is scheduled to resume in the 2nd week on January and she is in mumbai now for that. When she starts shooting for Tamil movie she will come back to her Chennai home.

The actress is said to have bagged in Ken Ghosh’s next opposite Shahid Kapur and is also being considered for a role of Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter in director Honey Irani’s next. Then she is also believed to have grabbed an esteemed role opposite Salman Khan in Sohail Khan’s musical next. Nothing is confirmed yet and Asin will carefully consider her options before signing these movies.

Name change for Robot?

Director Shankar while talking about the film Robot in an interview given to a TV channel has said that the title of the movie might change.

The buzz is that the State Government’s decision to provide tax-exemption to movies titled in Tamil is the reason that this name change might come through. The Tamil film producers and directors are these days found with Tamil dictionary to choose Tamil titles for their films to avail this concession.

On a 100 crore budget, Robot movie will definitely need the entertainment tax-exemption. There was also a debate over the title of Shivaji, if it was a Tamil name or not. Even with the debate that Shivaji was a Marathi name, the State government accepted that Shivaji is a Tamil title indeed, and the movie was exempted from entertainment tax. This might not work out for Robot, or will they add Robot to Tamil dictionary as well and provide entertainment tax exemption? Only time can tell!!

The meaning of Robot would be “mechanical servant”. So what would the name of Robot movie be after the name change? Any suggestions??