Sunday, July 20, 2008

'Robot' issue cleared

Some time back, there was a rumour that the story of 'Robot' was lifted from somewhere else. Since this was more believable than true, there was panic in Shankar's office.

It started with the Hindi film 'Love Story 2050' about a couple that go into the future 2050 with the help of a time machine. A robot brings the separated lovers together.

When this film's story became public, rumour had it that it was Shankar's story, he had narrated that to some in the Hindi film industry and it had been made into 'Love
Story 2050.' Since there was no reaction from Shankar's side, people believed it to be true.

It seems there is absolutely no connection between the Hindi film and Shankar's story. In fact, Shankar and his associates are in a way relieved that 'Love Story 2050' did not live up to expectations despite the hype.

Even if the story is different, a sci-fi film like 'Love Story 2050' would lessen expectations of 'Robot.' There will be no freshness. The flopping of 'Love Story 2050' has prevented both.

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Ameer promises to make a film on the Eelam Tamils

Denmark based Eelam Tamilian K S Durai produces and directs 'Illam Puyal,' whose audio release function took place yesterday at Chennai. The songs were released by Thol Thirumavalavan of Viduthalai Siruthaigal and accepted by Ameer.

Producer R B Chowdry, director Vasanth, actor Shaam and others participated in the function.

Ameer has been drawing media attention by his speeches at film functions and much to the shock of the media, he finished his speech with just one word "Vaazhthukkal." On request from the producer, Ameer spoke again in his usual firebrand fashion.
"For the past few days, news in the media implicating my reprimanding A R Rehman has really upset me. That's why I decided that silence is golden and refrained from speaking," he said.

"More than Tamilians, it is the Eelam Tamils who strive more for the progress of Tamil. When I went for the Berlin Film Festival, many Eelam Tamils would visit me every day. On their repeated requests, one day I went to their sets and only then did I understand their pains and sufferings.

I made up my mind then to make a film that would be imbedded with their pains and sorrows. I will definitely make this come true," said Ameer.