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Villu songs download ,Villu MP3 Vijay Nayanthara

Villu is directed by Prabhu Deva and music by Devi Sri Prasad. The casts are
Vijay, Nayanthara and Vadivelu. Villu team wants to shoot a major part of the
talkie portion and two songs in France and other parts of the European Union
including Ukraine. The second half of the Villu film is set in a foreign country
as per the story, in which the hero goes in search of the killers of his father.
The Villu crew, feels that Europe will give them a different background that
mixes well with the story. Also, Europe is a very lesser used location in
Director Prabhu Deva’s Villu movie is emerging in to a beautiful film day by day
with vital shooting and hard work of the crew. Vijay, Nayanthara and Vadivelu
with rest of the team are busy with full swing shooting that is taking place in
Chennai. Vadivelu will dance with Nayantara to the remix version of ‘My name is
Billa’ in Villu.

Villu – 2008

Starring: Vijay, Nayanthara, Vadivelu, Prakashraj and others
Direction: Prabhudeva
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: Ayngaran International

1.Rama Rama Raman Kitta – Amalraj, Kovai Sarala
2.Nee Kobapattal – Sagar
3.Daddy Mummy Veetil Illa – Mamta Mohandas, Naveen Madhav
4.Are you Crazy – Divya
5.Jalsa Jalsa – Baba Sehgal, Rita
6.Vaada Mapilley – Tippu, Rita, Vadivelu
7.Dheemthanakka Dhillana – Devi Sri Prasad, Divya
8.Jalsa Jalsa The DSP Mix – Devi Sri Prasad, Baba Sehgal, Rita

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Dheemthanakka Thillana Dhee
Jalsa Jalsa Jalsa Kankalil Aadu
Nee Kobapattal  Nanum Koba
Vada  Mappille Pazha Pazha
Hey Rama Rama Ramankitta
Are  You Crazy You Useless
Jalsa Jalsa Jalsa Kanka - Remix
Daddy Mummy
Jalsa Remix
Nee Kova Pattal
Rama Rama
Vaada Maapla
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villu songs download

England vs. India

1st Test, 11-15 Dec '08
Eng 316/10 | Ind 241/10 | Eng 311/9(dec) | Ind 387/4
Ind won by 6 wkts
Man of the Match: Virender Sehwag

சென்னையில் நடைபெற்ற முதலாவது டெஸ்ட் கிரிக்கெட் போட்டியில் இங்கிலாந்து அணியை 6 விக்கெட்டுகள் வித்தியாசத்தில் வென்றது இந்தியா. சச்சி்ன் தனது 41ஆவது சதத்தை பூர்த்தி செய்தார்.
சச்சின் 92, யுவராஜ் சிங் 80 ரன்கள்

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பிரபுதேவாவின் மகன் மரணம்

நடிகர், டான்ஸ் மாஸ்டர், இயக்குனர் பிரபுதேவாவின் மகன் விஷால் (13) உடல் நலக்குறைவால் இறந்தார்.

உடல் நலக்குறைவு காரணமாக கடந்த 6 மாதங்களாக மருத்துவமனையில் அவருக்கு சிகிச்சையளிக்கப்பட்டு வந்தது. ஆனால், இன்று அதிகாலை சிகிச்சை பலனின்றி விஷால் மரணம் அடைந்தார்.

விஷாலின் உடல் சென்னை ராஜாஅண்ணாமலைபுரத்தில் உள்ள பிரபுதேவாவின் வீட்டில் வைக்கப்பட்டிருந்தது. அவரது உடலுக்கு நடிகர்கள் விஜய், பிரகாஷ்ராஜ், ஸ்ரீமன், அருண்பாண்டியன், ஆதித்யா, நடிகை குஷ்பு உள்ளிட்டோர் நேரில் அஞ்சலி செலுத்தினர்.

பிரபு தேவா-லதா தம்பதிக்கு விஷால் தவிர ரிஷி, ராகவேந்திரா, ஆதி தேவா ஆகிய மகன்கள் உள்ளனர்.


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England in India 2008-09

The BCCI has unveiled a revised itinerary for England's tour of India, with Chennai and Mohali named as the two Test venues, replacing Ahmedabad from December 11-15, and Mumbai from December 19-23.

According to a BCCI press release, the ECB has informed the Indian board that it has agreed to the revised schedule, in which the warm-up match in Vadodara from December 5 to 7 has been scrapped. The tour will be officially cleared after discussions between the ECB's security consultant and officials in India, N Srinivasan, the BCCI secretary, said.

However, the ECB has yet to confirm that the tour is back on track, and is still awaiting the security audit being prepared by their security expert, Reg Dickason. No further announcement is expected from the England camp before Tuesday, as the players continue to weigh up the pros and cons of a return to India, so soon after last week's terrorist atrocities.

The new series itinerary might go some way towards calming England's fears, however. The original venue for the first Test was Ahmedabad in Gujarat, which was ruled out both because of its proximity to Mumbai, and because it was the scene of serial bomb blasts three months ago.

Chennai, which hosted South Africa during their Test tour earlier in the year, was offered as an alternate for the first Test because it is seen as having the least threat perception from a security point of view, which will help ease the immediate fears some of the England players have over touring India.

The ECB had specifically asked for a southern Indian venue for the second Test, instead of Mumbai, and Chennai was the original replacement. They have now been offered Mohali, a satellite town to Chandigarh in the north of the country. From a logistical point of view, the venue's proximity to Delhi should enable the tour party to obtain an easy passage back to England at the end of the tour and allow the squad to link up with their families for Christmas.

Despite the itinerary changes, the ECB have paved the way for a weakened squad to return to India, with the national selector, Geoff Miller, insisting that no player would jeopardise their prospects of future selection if they chose not to tour. Three senior players are already believed to have ruled themselves out: Andrew Flintoff, who also suffered an ankle injury during last week's fifth ODI; James Anderson, whose wife is pregnant, and Steve Harmison.

Harmison, unsurprisingly, has been the most vocal dissenter in the England camp. "I'm sorry, but whatever is being asked of us in the next few days, at the moment, the idea of being asked to go back out there is the last thing on my mind," he told the Mail on Sunday. "This is beyond cricket. This is beyond anything. It's all very well for people back home to say we should carry on with the tour, but none of what has happened has anything to do with cricket."

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Flash News : கலைஞர் குடும்பத்தில் சமரசம்?

சமீபகாலமாக அழகிரி தரப்புக்கும், மாறன் சகோதரர்களுக்கும் இடைவெளி இருந்து வந்தது. இந்த மனக்கசப்பின் காரணமாக மத்திய அமைச்சராக இருந்த தயாநிதி மாறன் ஒன்றரை வருடமாக பதவியிலிருந்து விலகி இருக்கிறார்.

இரு தரப்புக்கும் பேச்சு வார்த்தை இல்லை என்ற அளவுக்கு பிரச்சினை வலுத்ததும், கலைஞர் முரசொலி இதழில் மாறன் சகோதரர்கள் பற்றி கூறியதும், அதற்கு மாறன் சகோதரர்கள் பதில் அறிக்கை விடுத்திருந்ததும் பரபரப்பாக பேசப்பட்டது.

இந்நிலையில் கலைஞர் மகள் செல்வி வீட்டில் அழகரி மகள் கயல்விழி இருதரப்புக்கும் இடையே சமரச முயற்சிகளுக்கு ஏற்பாடு செய்திருந்தார். அதில் மு.க.ஸ்டாலின், அழகிரி, கலாநிதி ஆகியோர் கலந்து கொண்டதாக தெரிகிறது.

இதில் இதுநாள் வரை இருந்த மனக்கசப்புகளை மறந்து இனி ஒற்றுமையாக செயல்படுவதாக முடிவு எடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது என தகவல்கள் வெளியாகின்றன.

இன்று மாலை கோபாலபுரத்தில் உள்ள கலைஞர் இல்லத்தில், அழகிரி, மு.க.ஸ்டாலின், மாறன் சகோதரர்கள் என அனைவரும் ஒன்று கூடி மகிழ்ச்சியான செய்திகளை வழங்குவார்கள் என திமுகவின் முக்கிய புள்ளிகள் தெரிவிக்கின்றனர்.

Nakkheeran [Source]

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Nenjukkul Peidhidum - Vaaranam Aayiram

நெஞ்சுக்குள் பெய்திடும் மாமழை,
நீருக்குள் மூழ்கிடும் தாமரை
சற்றென்று* மாறுது வானிலை,
பெண்ணே உன் மேல் பிழை…

நில்லாமல் வீசிடும் பேரலை,
நெஞ்சுக்குள் நீந்திடும் தாரகை
பொன்வண்ணம் சூடிய காரிகை,
பெண்ணே நீ காஞ்சனை…

ஒ ஷாந்தி ஷாந்தி ஒ ஷாந்தி…
என் உயிரை உயிரை நீ ஏந்தி…
ஏன் சென்றாய் சென்றாய் என்னை தாண்டி…
இனி நீ தான் எந்தன் அந்தாதி… (நெஞ்சுக்குள்)

ஏதோ ஒன்று என்னை ஈர்க்க
மூக்கின் நுனி மர்மம் சேர்க்க
கள்ளத்தனம் ஏதும் இல்லா… புன்னகையோ போகன்வில்லா**…
நீ நின்ற இடம் என்றால், விலை ஏறி போகாதோ?
நீ செல்லும் வழியெல்லாம், பனி கட்டி ஆகதோ?
என்னோடு வா.., வீடு வரைக்கும்
என் வீட்டை பார்…, என்னை பிடிக்கும் !

இவள் யாரோ யாரோ தெரியாதே…
இவள் பின்னால் நெஞ்சே போகாதே,
இது பொய்யோ மெய்யோ தெரியாதே…
இவள் பின்னால் நெஞ்சே போகாதே [போகாதே... ]

நெஞ்சுக்குள் பெய்திடும் மாமழை
நீருக்குள் மூழ்கிடும் தாமரை..
சற்றென்று மாறுது வானிலை,
பெண்ணே உன் மேல் பிழை…

நில்லாமல் வீசிடும் பேரலை,
நெஞ்சுக்குள் நீந்திடும் தாரகை..
பொன்வண்ணம் சூடிய காரிகை
பெண்ணே நீ காஞ்சனை…

தூக்கங்களை தூக்கி சென்றாய் [ தூக்கி சென்றாய் ]
ஏக்கங்களை தூவி சென்றாய்,
உன்னை தாண்டி போகும் போது [ போகும் போது ]
வீசும் காற்றின் வீச்சு வேறு !
நில்லென்று நீ சொன்னால் என் காலும் நகராதே..
நீ சுடும் பூவெல்லாம் ஒரு போதும் உதிராதே..
காதல் என்னை கேட்கவில்லை
கேட்டால் அது காதல் இல்லை !

என் ஜீவன் ஜீவன் நீதானே…
எனத்தோன்றும் நேரம் இது தானே…
நீ இல்லை இல்லை என்றாலே…
என் நெஞ்சம் நெஞ்சம் தாங்காதே…

நெஞ்சுக்குள் பெய்திடும் மாமழை,
நீருக்குள் மூழ்கிடும் தாமரை..
சற்றென்று மாறுது வானிலை,
பெண்ணே உன் மேல் பிழை…

நில்லாமல் வீசிடும் பேரலை,
நெஞ்சுக்குள் நீந்திடும் தாரகை…
பொன்வண்ணம் சூடிய காரிகை,
பெண்ணே நீ காஞ்சனை…

ஒ ஷாந்தி ஷாந்தி ஒ ஷாந்தி…
என் உயிரை உயிரை நீ ஏந்தி…
ஏன் சென்றாய் சென்றாய் என்னை தாண்டி…
இனி நீ தான் எந்தன் அந்தாதி..

நீ நின்ற இடம் என்றால், விலை ஏறி போகாதோ?
நீ செல்லும் வழியெல்லாம், பனி கட்டி ஆகதோ?
என்னோடு வா.., வீடு வரைக்கும்
என் வீட்டை பார்…, என்னை பிடிக்கும் !

இவள் யாரோ யாரோ தெரியாதே…
இவள் பின்னால் நெஞ்சே போகாதே,
இது பொய்யோ மெய்யோ தெரியாதே…
இவள் பின்னால் நெஞ்சே போகாதே [போகாதே... ]

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Thevar Magan - Movie

Pokkiri - Movie

Ghilli - movie

Ghilli - Movie Part 1

Ghilli - Movie Part 2

Ghilli - Movie Part 3

Ghilli - Movie Part 4

Ghilli - Movie Part 5

Ghilli - Movie Part 6

Ghilli - Movie Part 7

Ghilli - Movie Part 8

Ghilli - Movie Part 9

Sachin - Movie

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Padmapriya becomes as an assistant director

Padmapriya who made her debut as a heroine in Cheran’s film Thavamai Thavamirundhu created a ruckus while acting in Mirugam. Now she is once again pairing with Cheran in the film Pokkesham. The film shooting is progress in Gobichettipalayam. Padmapriya who is the leading lady in this film has donned a new role. She is also working as an assistant director. She is prompt at the shooting spot by 7 AM.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

'Robot' issue cleared

Some time back, there was a rumour that the story of 'Robot' was lifted from somewhere else. Since this was more believable than true, there was panic in Shankar's office.

It started with the Hindi film 'Love Story 2050' about a couple that go into the future 2050 with the help of a time machine. A robot brings the separated lovers together.

When this film's story became public, rumour had it that it was Shankar's story, he had narrated that to some in the Hindi film industry and it had been made into 'Love
Story 2050.' Since there was no reaction from Shankar's side, people believed it to be true.

It seems there is absolutely no connection between the Hindi film and Shankar's story. In fact, Shankar and his associates are in a way relieved that 'Love Story 2050' did not live up to expectations despite the hype.

Even if the story is different, a sci-fi film like 'Love Story 2050' would lessen expectations of 'Robot.' There will be no freshness. The flopping of 'Love Story 2050' has prevented both.

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Ameer promises to make a film on the Eelam Tamils

Denmark based Eelam Tamilian K S Durai produces and directs 'Illam Puyal,' whose audio release function took place yesterday at Chennai. The songs were released by Thol Thirumavalavan of Viduthalai Siruthaigal and accepted by Ameer.

Producer R B Chowdry, director Vasanth, actor Shaam and others participated in the function.

Ameer has been drawing media attention by his speeches at film functions and much to the shock of the media, he finished his speech with just one word "Vaazhthukkal." On request from the producer, Ameer spoke again in his usual firebrand fashion.
"For the past few days, news in the media implicating my reprimanding A R Rehman has really upset me. That's why I decided that silence is golden and refrained from speaking," he said.

"More than Tamilians, it is the Eelam Tamils who strive more for the progress of Tamil. When I went for the Berlin Film Festival, many Eelam Tamils would visit me every day. On their repeated requests, one day I went to their sets and only then did I understand their pains and sufferings.

I made up my mind then to make a film that would be imbedded with their pains and sorrows. I will definitely make this come true," said Ameer.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Subramaniapuram - Kangal Irandal - DIVX

Subramaniapuram Trailer

Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondramaandu Trailer

Sathyam Movie Trailor

Sakkarakatti Trailer

Ajith's Daughter photo

Oh it's certainly a rare photo ... Ajith always dont like publicity but some how what ever he does it will be in the headlines next day... so much crazy fans are behind the ultimate star always... Recently ajith along with his wife shallini and their baby Anoushka attended one family function... All the eyes were on Ajith's daughter Anoushka... She is really very cute and good looking u can see it in the photo above... The photographer who caught the glimpses of the occassion cannot refrain without taking Ajith shallini pair... along with them their sweet little baby Anoushka was also caught in the snap... The little doll was sitting over her father's lap... her mom is kept busy you can see shallini taking something out of her hand bag for her daughter ;-) ;-)

Bookmark this post... in future if found !!! more updates of Anoushka's picture u can view it here !!!

cheers ;-) ;-)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ileana to pair with Rajini

Ileana is but a cow. So how could she not surrender to the superstar's charisma?

Though Ileana made her debut in Tamil, it was Telugu films that gave her top billing and crores. So she is naturally might miffed with Kollywood.

When asked to star with Vijay, Ajith, Surya and such front line actors, she haughtily turned down the offers saying she was very busy. But Rajini has now made her change her mind.

In 'Sultan the Warrior,' Soundarya planned to feature a lady of Rajini's imagination. She has now signed on Ileana., when she and Ileana met in Chennai. Ileana is very particular in money matters but her friends have advised her on the importance of 'Sultan the Warrior' and made her adjust her fee rate.

Was Ameer right in what he said?

At a recent film function, Ameer passed some critical remarks on A R Rehman. “If he can compose music for experienced directors like Balachander and Bharatiraja, why does he not compose music for people like us? Don't we appear like directors to him?” He also wondered why Rehman did not come forward to score music for sensitive films.

Passing of such remarks at a function where AR Rehman was not present has caused dissatisfaction to Rehman supporters. They argue that Rehman has scored music for experienced as well as upcoming directors. 'Sillunu Oru Kaadhal,' 'Azhagiya Thamizh Magan' and 'Sakkarakatti' are all made by debut making directors.

Don't Deepa Mehta's 'Fire' and 'Water,' Aamir Khan's 'Lagaan' and 'Rang De Basanti' rank as sensitive films? They accuse Ameer of targeting remarks at prominent film personalities like Mani Ratnam, Kamal and A R Rehman after the success of 'Paruthiveeran.'

“All this galatta after just one hit?” is their question.

Glam Nayan in 'Villu'

Nayantara danced with Vijay to a song sequence in Sivakasi. This is her first film opposite Vijay. Earlier, Nayan was to have acted as Vijay's heroine in 'Kuruvi' but Trisha had her way and grabbed the role.

'Villu' shooting is happening at Pollachi and Pazhani. Nayantara has a homely role in this. That is one reason for signing her on.

After seeing the stills of Nayantara in 'Kuselan' and 'Sathyam,' the 'Villu' crew went into a panic. Nayan dripped of glamour, even to the extent of donning a two piece. So, won't her fans feel betrayed if she was not shown even in a glimpse of her glamorous best?

The 'Villu' team set about transforming Nayan from homely to glamorous. One important scene is to take place at Kerala's Adirampalli Falls where a wet Nayan shall let people's imaginations run haywire.

'Villu' is sure to be a jillu film for sure!

Conflict between Arjun and Perarasu?

Confusion over a conflict between an actor and a director on the sets and the subsequent cancellation of the shooting led to rumors that the two involved were Arjun and Perarasu. Here are the details that led to this presumption. Kavithalaya is producing two ventures: Krishnaleeai and Thiruvannamalai. While the former features Jeevan and is

directed by Selvan, the latter is directed by Perarasu and Arjun stars in it. Rumors about the tussle in a Kavithalaya production film led to tongues wagging and pointing to Arjun and Perarasu, while originally it was between Jeevan and Selvan. But all is well as K. Balachander, the patriarch of Kavithalaya, has interfered and sorted out the issue.

Source and Thanks

70 lakhs for Silambarasan and Rachana

Silambarasan is never tired of trying out new things! The actor is presently busy with his dream project Silambattam. According to our sources, Silambarasan has roped in a Mumbai model Rachana Maurya for a dance sequence. The dance was choreographed with about 30 Mumbai and 120 Chennai models apart from Silambarasan and

Rachana Maurya. Apparently Rachana was paid Rs. 5 lakhs to shake her leg in this song. According to producers K. Muralidharan and Swaminathan, the song was shot at a budget of Rs. 70 lakhs

Source and Thanks

Gopika weds!

Gopika carved a niche for herself in the Tamil film industry with movies like Autograph, Em Magan, etc. The actress, after a brief stint in the tinsel town, decided to take wedding vows. Her engagement to Ajilesh, an NRI doctor, took place on July 13th. The marriage ceremony took place according to the Christian customs at Ernakulam Kothamangalam

Marthoma Church yesterday (17-July-2008) amidst close family and friends. A reception for the newlyweds will be held at the Avenue Centre, a five-star hotel, in Ernakulam on July 20th. Film personalities from Kollywood and Mollywood are expected to grace the occasion. Gopika intends to settle in Ireland with her doctor husband. wishes Gopika a very happy married life.

Source and Thanks

Rajini’s voice irritates people

Private telephone service providers have come out with novel methods of advertising - some of which are interesting, while some are not. There are incoming calls, which when picked, tells you about various promotional campaigns in a recorded mimicry voice. Recently one of the leading service providers in Chennai has opted for a unique

way to promote their services. They have used Rajinikanth's voice to advertise their products. Don’t jump to conclusions immediately... a mimicry artist who speaks in the unique voice of the Superstar asks you to download Kuselan tones, pushing many such schemes. Though the user is thrilled to hear the Rajinikanth’s voice at first, they get irritated by the continuous barrage of such unsolicited calls. Initially, it was thought to be some kind of promotional campaign for the film but later it was realized that it was only from the telephone company

A talent from Rahman’s stable

Pasupathy is on a roll now. He has been continuously committed to film after film and the talented star is certainly enjoying his work. After wrapping up Kuselan with the super star, he has moved on to Vedigundu Murugesan which is touted to be a comedy caper. Further on, he will be doing the role of Nana Patekar in Taxi No. 9211 in the Tamil version.

After this, he would be working with debutant director Balu who had apprenticed with veteran film maker Bhagyaraj in many movies. Balu will be directing his first film titled Seetharaman which will go on floors on the 19th of August. Seetharaman is said to be a story about father and daughter; it also handles the theme of love in a different manner. The film will certainly not be a tearjerker but a laugh riot just like the films of Balu’s mentor, Bhagyaraj. Seetharaman will be introducing a new music director: Sivan who had worked with A R Rahman. Film of debutants indeed!

Kuselan ready to be shipped

Tamil films, off late, have been creating quite an impact in the global markets. Earlier only Bollywood films were considered to be capable enough to compete in the world market. But a string of Tamil films that have made it to the international film festivals has created a niche for Kollywood films, no doubt. The next in line for which the international

audience is waiting is Kuselan. The film is almost ready and the final correction work is on at present, says inside sources. Meanwhile, it has been announced that Kuselan will hit the screens on August 1st in India while the US audience will get to see the movie a day prior to this. The film's copy is due to be shipped to the US on Monday, states some very reliable sources.

Source and Thanks

Ilayaraja's medical miracle

A Tamil couple living in Germany thanked maestro Ilayaraja, which also left the music director stunned, for the great medical miracle that he performed unwittingly. The incident was reported in a well-known magazine recently. Well, it seems that a few months ago the young couple was told by the doctors in Germany

that the child in the mother's womb showed no movement. The worried couple went back home and turned on their music set to listen to Ilayaraja's Thiruvasagam. Surprisingly, the lady started to feel the baby kicking. They repeated the music many times and felt the same result. The doctors were also surprised when the lady delivered the baby a few months later through normal labor.

As a token of gratitude, the couple recently visited the maestro to pay respects and express their gratefulness.

Now, that's a true medical miracle from the maestro!

Marma Yogi Photo Gallery

Even before the release of Kamal’s Dasavatharam, everyone is curious to know what his next movie is going to be. Sources have it that Kamal’s next movie will be Marma yogi
Kamal Hassan is said to have started pre-production work on his new film Marmayoghi, which he is directing and producing, on first copy basis for the corporate Reliance Adlabs.

Talks are on to finalise the rest of the crew for Marma Yoghi. Rumor is that he has already contacted Bollywood actress Kajol, to play the heroine in this film and the music is by A.R Rahman.

Marma Yogi is also an old MGR flick, known as the first Tamil movie to receive an ‘A’ certificate in 1951. This is the second time that Kamal is using an old MGR title for a film of his. Earlier he had used the title Sathi Leelavathi (1936).

This movie is said to be a multi-lingual releasing in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rajinikanth Kuselan audio launch today!!

The Kuselan audio launch will take place today at a suburban five-star hotel in Chennai. Rajinikanth and the rest of the Kuselan team including Nayanthara, Pasupathy, Vadivel, Meena, director P Vasu, producer K Balachandar and music director G V Prakash are expected to attend the function. The buzz is that the chief guest at the function will be Prakash’s uncle and mentor A R Rahman.

The company which bagged the audio rights of Kuselan for 2.25 crore is Big Music and it is coming out with two lakhs CD’s and cassettes of the film, which will be on sale from July 1 morning in all music outlets worldwide. The CD’s are priced at Rs. 99 and the cassettes are priced at Rs. 45 and also the digitall download rights for the songs will be sold by the music company.

The superstar will feature in three of the five songs in the film. His introduction song Cinema, Cinema, sung by Shankar Mahadevan will feature more than a dozen Kollywood stars who will join the superstar in celebrating 75 years of the South Indian film industry. Another highlight is the seven-minute song Om Zaarare sung by Daler Mehendi, Chitra and Sadhana Sargam and features Rajinikanth and Nayanthara.

The Kuselan Song List with Song and Singer details are as follows:

Cinema Cinema…
Artist(s): Shankar Mahadevan
Lyricist: Vaali

Artist(s): Hariharan, Sujatha, Baby Ranjini, Baby Pooja
Lyricist: Pa. Vijay

Om Zaarare…
Artist(s): Daler Mehndi, Chitra, Sadhana Sargam
Lyricist: Vaali

Artist(s): Shreya Ghoshal, Kids
Lyricist: Dr. Kridhaya

Artist(s): Kailash Kher, Prasanna
Lyricist: Yugabharathi

Friday, May 23, 2008

No more `Singam` for Vijay

Looks like Vijay is not being lucky with the title he choses for his next movie after Kuruvi. Initially he chose ‘Seval’ which is director Hari’s upcomming movie with Bharath, but Hari refused to part with the title to Vijay.

Now Hari has again announced that his next project with Surya is titled Singam. Yes the same title that Vijay was going to act in under Prabhudeva direction. The lead actress of this movie with Vijay is Nayantara.The buzz is that the clash between director Hari and Vijay started when Vijay refused call sheet for Hari’s ‘Vel’ because of his prior commitment to ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan’.

Now the team of Prabudeva, Vijay are searching for a suitable title for their upcomming flick. Lets hope its not the same as Hari’s next movie after Singam.

Kuselan audio ready!!

The Audio of much awaited Superstar Rajinikanth starrer is ready. All the five songs by music director G.V Prakash is complete and the music for this movie by this young musician is said to be very impressive.

The introduction song of Rajinikanth in the movie has lyrics as “MGR, NTR, Sivaji Thanthadhu Intha Cinemathan” which is sung by Shankar Mahadevan and is said to be a foottapping number. Another song has all of the superstar movie names like “Polladhavan, Murattu Kaalai, Pokkiri Raja and Rajadhi Raja ” in its lyrics. All the lyrics have been penned by Vali and Udit Narayan, Sadhana Sargam, Daler Mehandi, Chithra and Shankar Mahadevan have sung the songs.

The Tamil version of the movie differs from the Malayalam version on the lines that the Superstar in the movie will have a much larger role than the original version. The movie is expected to have 900 plus prints with 700 prints for Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Kuselan is being simultaneous made in both Tamil and Telugu. The movie is named Kuseludu in Telugu. Already Superstar Rajinikanth starrer Kuselan rights has been sold for 64 crores to Pyramid Saimeera. The movie will also star Pasupathy, Meena, Prabhu, Vadivelu, Santhanam and Livingston in the Tamil version

Madhavan`s deal with Adlabs!!

Yavarum Nalam the Madhavan and Neethu Chandra starrer is said to have impressed Adlabs to such an extent that they have decided to rope in Madhavan for their next four films.

Saurabh Varma, Chief marketing Officer, Adlabs, was seen stating that they are pretty impressed with the performance as well as marketing skills the actor has. This led to the decision to get him in the upcoming films.

After making their Tamil debut with Trisha-Ajith starrer ‘Kireedam’, this corporate production house seems to be on a roll now. Presently busy financing Madhavan and Neethu Chandra starrer Yavarum Nalam’ that is being directed by Vikram, Adlabs has further plans to produce three other films starring Madhavan in the lead.

Yavarum Nalam is a supernatural thriller and is slated for a September 2008 release.

Vishnuvardhan strikes it rich!

Director Vishnuvardhan seems to have struck gold. If one is to believe the rumours doing the rounds in Kollywood, the director has been signed by Warner Brothers and Soundarya Rajnikanth’s Ocher Studios for their next project, a sequel to Billa.

Vishnuvardhan is at the moment directing the film Sarvam, which has Arya and Trisha in the lead and the director will be taking up the Warner Brothers’ project after completing this film.

Sources in the industry suggest that Ajit will be the hero of the film while the heroine hasn’t been decided yet. Sources also claim that the director is to be paid a whopping Rs three crore for his work. Way to go Vishnu! Source: timesofindia.indiatimes

Ninaivil Nindraval next for Ashwin

Remember the son of S.Ve Shekar who made his debut last year with ‘Vegam’, he is back now with his next movie Ninaivil Nindraval. The movie will be directed by director Agasthiya Bharathi and will have Keerthi Chawla and new face Gayathri as the heroines for Ashwin Shekar.

‘Thalaivsal’ Vijay, Ilavarasan, M S Baskar, Muthukalai, Arulmani, Birla Bose, ravi Ganesh, venki form the rest of the cast. Music is by Iman and lyrics are by Vaali. The director Agasthiya Bharathi has worked as an assistant director in films like Keladi Kanmani and co-directed movies like Ooty and February 14. The movie, which is being made by Sabari Movies, will have S Ve Shekar appearing in a guest role as well.

The shooting for the movie is currently in progress and is expected to be a August or September release.

Dasavatharam Wordwide on June 6th

Yes, all the fans of Kamal have a reason to rejoice. The much awaited magnum opus of Padmashri Kamal Hassan will be release worldwide on June 6th. The film is slated to be released initially in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Producer Oscar Ravichandran is now busy with the promotional videos of the movie which is to be played out at the last leg of the IPL matches in Chepauk. As with the producer’s prior film releases, Ravichandran will feed 1,000 poor children on the occasion.

Oscar Films is getting a 1,000 prints ready for the first run. As the demand increase from theatres, they will make more prints.

Rajini to try new looks for Robot

With his upcomming release Kuselan almost complete, Rajini has started work on his next movie, Robot with director Shankar. Superstar Rajinikanth and director Shankar will be travelling to Hollywood to try out new looks for his forthcoming mega sci-fi thriller Robot. The new look and the makeup for it is expected to cost over Rs.30 million.

Rajini has finished his part of the work with Kuselan and is now concentrating on Robot, which is a big budget, two year project. The movie will have Aishwarya Rai as the heroine for the Superstar. The movie is a joint venture by Ayngaran International and Eros. The film is said to cost atleast a whopping 120 crores, which is just the intial budget of this movie. A. R. Rahman will be composing the music for this flick.

The first photo shoot for the film by famous Chennai fashion and portfolio photographer G.Venket Ram was held in mid-februvary

I am happy to be Surya`s mother - Simran

Simran who is cast as young Surya’s mother is happy with her character in the movie Vaaranam Ayiram. Discussing the role in the movie, the actress is excited as the father of young Surya and her husband in Vaaranam Aayiram is Surya himself. When director Gautham menon narrrated the story to her, she could see a lot of scope to her character and hence readily agreed to it.

Marriage and motherhood has not changed the actress a lot who says her passion is acting and she loves being in front of the camera once again. Marriage and Motherhood was never a barrier to her acting. She is once again back to what she loves doing the most, acting. Her husband, parents and in-laws are most supportive of her. A constant companion of her in the shooting sets is her son.

Chennai365 team wishes Simran all the best for her second venture in kollywood.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Kuruvi is an upcoming Tamil film to be released in May 2008 starring Joseph Vijay and Trisha Krishnan. It is produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin and LSS Sathyan. Dharani, who had success with Vijay in Ghilli, will be directing this action/adventure movie. Suman and Vivek are also part of the film's cast.

Kuruvi songs released on April 16, 2008. Vijay, Vikram, Dharani along with producer Udhayanidhi Stalin, actress Trisha Krishnan attended the audio release function. There are six songs composed by Vidyasagar, one of the songs featuring the Malaysian rapper Yogi B.

Happy New Year - Yogi B, Dr. Burn and Sunidhi Chauhan
Dandaana Darna - Sangeeth Althipur
Thaen Thaen Thaen - Udit Narayan and Shreya Goshal
Palaanadhu Palaanadhu - Vidyasagar and S. Rajalakshmi
Theme Music - Praveen Mani, Dr. Burn, Ranina and Suvi
Mozha Mozhannu - Kay Kay and Anuradha Sriram

Kuruvi Trailer

Dasavatharam Trailer

Dasavatharam audio launch

Here is the Exclusive photos of Kamal Hassan’s Dasavatharam audio launch function held at Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Akshaya out of Peraanmai

Peraanmai movie directed by Jananathan has Jeyam Ravi and five other heroines in the lead. Akshaya of Kalaba Kadhalan fame was also roped in one of the heroines, but the actress has now decided to opt out of the movie. Jayam Ravi plays a forest officer in the movie and the five actresses act as sports persons.

Akshaya is said to have done so following a condition put forth by Peraanmai team which said that Akshaya should not to act in any other films until the shooting of Peraanmai gets completed, for about six to eight months from now and hence Akshaya has made the decision to quit Peraanmai.

Peraanmani will also have the latest of technology used in the shooting of the movie. The team of Peraanmai has decided to use helicom will come in very handy in Peraanmai where sequences in dense jungles covered with thick vegetation. The movement of Jeyam Ravi who will run through the forest covered have a better chance of being well captured on a helicam rather than a steady cam.

Source from

Salman dances for Gayatri Raghuram

Gayatri Raghuram has Salman danceing to the tunes of Sajid-Wajid in the hindi version of Pokiri movie. She will be choreographing Salman for the movie. Gayatri is the daughter of choreographer Raghuram, who acted in a few Tamil films like whistle and Prabhu Deva’s Charlie Chaplin. She has now become a choreographer, following on her father’s footsteps.

Gayathri has already choreographed for a Telugu movie. She has also been roped in by producer-director Priyadarshan for his next Tamil movie. The priyadarshan movie to be launched soon will be directed by Vijay, who directed Ajith and Trisha starrer Kireedom

Sneha, Shriya in Sarath movie

After Vaitheeshwaran, Sarath is all set to start his next movie under the direction of K.S Ravikumar. There were rumours the the movie was Jaggu Bai which was originally planned for Superstar Rajnikanth. However, the circle close to Sarath denied the news on ‘Jaggubhai’, but they confirmed a new project of Sarath with K.S. Ravikumar.

Sneha had already been roped in to play the lead. The current update on the movie is that Shriya Saran has also been roped in to play another heroine in the movie. Shriya has been in news for a lot of reasons lately be it her skimpy dresses, her english movie, her bollywood movie or her slapping a man for misbehaviour recently in Tirupathi.

This Sarath Kumar, Sneha and Shriya starrer movie which is not titled yet is being jointly produced by Radhika Sarath Kumar’s Radaan pictures and Sun TV. It can be recalled that the film Cheran Pandiyan directed by K.S Ravikumar was his first hit and also was Sarath Kumar’s first film as hero. The Sarath-Ravi Kumar pair has also given the super blockbuster Nattami. Lets hope they repeat the success story in this movie too

Sony Imageworks opens visual effects studio in Chennai

Imageworks India, the Indian arm of Sony Pictures Imagework, Thursday announced opening of its state-of-the-art facility in Chennai. The Chennai facility has about 90 artists and technical experts and would be scaled up to 180 workers, the company said here. It also has seven animation experts. “In the first year of operation, our primary goal has been to integrate our India operations into our Culver City production workflow,” said Tim Sarnoff, president of Sony Pictures Imageworks.

“Artists are no longer afraid of technology, especially in India,” he said.“I hope to create a cohesive work group,” Joe Gareri, general manager and executive director in charge of operations in India, told IANS. Before joining Imageworks, Gareri worked with Pacific Titles and in the films like the three sequels of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Catwoman”, “Men in Black” and several other titles.

Founded in 1992, Imageworks - a component of the US-based Sony Pictures Digital Production - acquired 50.1 percent stake in FrameFlow (India) Private Ltd., at a cost of $5 million last year. FrameFlow was founded three years ago by the promoters of Shasun Chemicals, the Chennai-based pharma company and first worked Imageworks on films such as “Click”, “Ghost Rider” and “Spiderman-3″.

Globally, Sony Imageworks is doing business worth nearly $7 billion, and has captured 37 percent of the box office for global visual work. Imageworks has production studios in Culver City, California, and New Mexico, and now in Chennai.“One of my priorities will be to ensure multitasking training for the workforce in India and integrate the working timeframe with our Culver City studio,” Garei said. “We lose two work days, if the time zones are not integrated smoothly,” he said. The Chennai facility will work seamlessly with the Culver City facility in the visual effects of seven Hollywood films, now under production.

Imageworks has done the visual effects for “Spiderman”, “Monster House”, “Stuart Little”, “The Chronicles of Narnia” and several other academy award winning films.Its most recent films have been “Ghost Rider”, “Beowulf” and “I Am Legend”. In “I Am Legend”, the Indian team worked on the Time Square Meadow scene in which Will Smith is seen in a ruined grass-grown Time Square. “Our team is now working on the next release, a film called Hancock”, said Krishnakant Mishra, who was creative supervisor for films like “Lord of The Rings”, and is the creative director of Imageworks India. Sanroff, who came to Imageworks from Warner Digital Studios, a Warner Bros. organisation says, “a successful film is one person’s imagination vended by 50 others”.

“Film-makers are today getting very good at describing exactly what they want,” Sanroff said.“Film-makers have got the vocabulary of expression and artists have also learnt the vocabulary. At the end of it we are all storytellers. “It is finally the great visual effects supervisors like Kevin Mack and Ken Ralston who are able to bring to life the images of the filmmaker’s story.” His vision of the future, “gaming and film will come closer”.

Sanroff, who has seen Bollywood films like “Krish” and “Chak De”, said: “Imageworks is in the business of visualising, whether it is Hollywood film or Bollywood film or one made in Hong Kong or elsewhere.” Source: thaindian,IANS

Ash out of Robot!!

The latest buzz doing rounds now is that Ash will not do the film Robot and Shankar is already in talks with Deepika Padukone for the role.

Is she doing it? Is she not? is the question in everyones mind as far as Robot and Aishwarya are concerned now. Since the project started there have been a lot of speculation about if she’ll do the movie, how much she would be paid for it etc. A Mumbai tabloid reports that Shankar plans to shoot ‘Robot’ over a period of two years and this is a already known news to the chennai365 readers and that apparently is not acceptable to Ash who cannot afford to give so much of time to a project. Going by the grapevine, Aishwarya is already on her way out as she was more concerned about spending that kind of time with her family rather on the sets of any movie.

Shankar is very found of Aishwarya since she made her acting debut in Shankar’s film ‘Jeans’. Since then it has been his wish to cast her in another one of his films and nothing had materialised until now. It remains to be seen if she has turned him down again for ‘Robot’. Deepika Padukone seems to be Shankar’s next choice as the heroine opposite Superstar Rajinikanth if Aishwarya opts out of Robot.

AAI to upgrade Chennai airport

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) will upgrade the Kolkata and Chennai airports at a cost of Rs 3,800 crore.

“AAI will spend Rs. 2,000 crore to modernise the Kolkata airport and Rs. 1,800 crore for the Chennai airport. The modernisation process has to be completed by 2010-11,” Chairman K. Ramalingam said here on Thursday.

In Kolkata, a new runway would be laid along the existing one. In Chennai, the existing cross runway would be operationalised and an additional runway built.

“The in-principle approval for the modernisation plans of the two airports has been given.” The projects would be carried out solely by AAI.

A third runway at the Delhi airport would be commissioned by September.

Speaking at the inauguration of ‘Aerodrome India 2008’, a three-day international exhibition on airport infrastructure, security and services, Mr. Ramalingam said there was need to build aviation infrastructure at a faster rate to manage traffic and build capacity at airports.

Indian airports handled 73.3 million passengers and 1.4 million tonnes of cargo in 2005-06. Civil aviation is expected to enjoy a compounded growth of about 25 per cent per annum for the next 10 years, according to official estimates. Source: hindu

Priyamani in Classmates remake

Priyamani will be next seen in the Tamil remake of the Malayalam hit movie Classmate. Priyamani is excited and looking forward to working in this movie as it will show her in a completely different light from Paruthiveeran or Thotta.

This movie is produced by Gemini Film Circuit and Priyamani will be paired opposite Prithviraj in this movie. Malayalam Classmates movie is about the alumni of a college re-uniting after 15 years. The film was directed by Lal Jose and featured Prithviraj, Indrajith, Kavya Madhavan, Narain, Jayasurya and others as the classmates.

‘Classmates’ is one among the highest grossing Malayalam movies. The songs of the movie were an all-time hit.

Priyamani will also be seen in the Telugu movie, Hare Ram where her character will have shades of humor in it. The actress is so impressed with her character in Hare Ram that she has expressed her desire to act in a similar movie in Tamil too. Chennai365 wishes her all the best in making her wish come true.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monica says, Munna misbehaved

Just look at the picture which was distributed to the media few weeks before!

HosurOnline.Com did not publish the images sent by the PRO of Silanthi, afraid of it may be an image from blue film. The image published here, is just an example and the other images that we received are worst vulgar comparing to this.

Now, the female Monica says that Munna misbehaved with her during the shooting. He tried touching her private!!!

She has created noise in a similar way that of Namitha and Malavika. Adding Monica, Kollywood will now have three dirty devies!

Hosur Paiyan: What these females own to loose further? Why do they create noise then?

It will be luckier if you are born as female

Orthodox sentiments may say that being born as female is bad, but it is wrong for the girls in cine industry.

Females in the industry easily make money, the only thing they do is reducing the costume and increasing the skin show.

Money pours in for the better shining skin. Here is a case, where a female is taking 1.5 crores just for exposing her in a dance.

Katrina Kaif is being told that she is taking 1.5 crores to expose (not sure, to what extent) in a single song for a Hindi movie.

After my fees is paid, I don't care anything

"Let it be double heroine subject, or a movie where I acted but I was not shown properly, or a movie which never released, or a movie which never began, I don't care about all these things as for me it is fees that has to be paid on time, mostly I take it in advance as men cheat after the shots are over" says Namitha.

She gave the above answer when we asked her, why few of her films are not released on time and why in few her acting part is not being shown properly!

Kuselan – flash update!

Kuselan – Superstar Rajinikanth’s next venture – is up and running and shoots are on in the Ramoji Rao film city in Hyderabad. Scenes involving Nayanthara, Sneha, and Rajini were shot today. Rajini plays himself for this Tamil version of the Malayalam hit Katha Parayumbol that also has Pasupathy and Meena in vital roles.

Besides, scenes of Livingston and Santhana Bharathi who play the smalltime local goons wanting to be photographed with Rajinikanth were also canned in today’s shoots. Prabhu and Manobala played the police officers trying to maintain the crowd under control.

Produced by Balachander for his Kavithalaya Productions and directed by P. Vasu, Kuselan’s background music is scored by G.V. Prakash. Rajini’s role for Kuselan will be extensive as opposed to the cameo Mammootty appeared for Katha Parayumbol

Ileana- 1.75 crores

Ileana D’cruz the slim Goan beauty who made her presence felt in the Mahesh Babu starrer Pokkiri (Telugu) is currently rocking the Tollywood. Like most of the stars, she too started her modeling career before she shifted gears to film acting. She was seen in more than five Telugu films with popular stars and is committed to two other films which are in the

making. In Tamil, she was last seen in Kedi with Ravi Krishna and Tamanna where she played the docile love interest of the hero.

Currently reigning the Tollywood, Ileana commands the highest pay cheque there. She has been aspiring to build a house in Hyderabad and settle down there. Her long cherished dream has come true now with the actress buying a flat for Rs 1.75 crores. She has also planned to have a massive house warming ceremony where all the leading artists of the industry would be invited.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dasavatharam Movie Photo Gallery Update

The release date of the much awaited Dasavatharam movie of Kamal Hassan has been confirmed to April 10th, just before the Tamil new year day. The film will release in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi simultaneously with the current buzz being that the total prints would be around 1200.

Confirming this ‘Oscar’ Ravichandran the producer and distributor of the movie says that they are planning on banking on the holiday season during the April-May season. The audio of Dashavatharam with music by Himmesh Reshamiah will hit the stand by the end of February.

Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan plays 10 different roles in this film and for which he has dubbed in 10 different voices. Apart from this Kamal has penned the story, screenplay and dialogues himself. Asin has given her own voice to her character and that too in typical Brahmin Tamil which has come out brilliantly. Mallika Sherawat too dons a prominent character. The shoot for the film started in Chennai and continued in Malaysia, USA and in Pichavaram near Chidambaram.

Son-in-law, Mother-in-law Sandai

Sandai is the upcomming movie of Sundar C with Ragini and has Nadhiya and Namitha in supporting roles. The movie is directed by Sakthi Chidambaram. Contrary to the title the movie aims at promoting peace within a family and not fight.

According to director Sakthi Chidambaram, the movie revolves around the fight in a family between the son-in-law and an arrogant mother-in-law. Nadhiya plays the role of the arrogant mother-in-law. There are lots of humor in the movie and the story is made for today’s audience, adds the director.

Namitha who plays a folk artiste has added to the glamour quotient. Namitha who was not originally in the cast had been booked for the movie in the later stages. It was through Shakthi Chidambaram’s movies that Namitha came to known as a glam doll in the Tamil film industry and perhaps it is her gratitude towards him that made her accept the role without even listening to the storyline.

Going Retro - Subramaniapuram

There is a trend of making classic retro movies in Kollywood now. The latest to join the list is Subramanyapuram directed by debutant Sasi Kumar who has previously worked with directors Bala and Ameer. The movie is based on the story of a group of friends who are located in Subramanyapuram near Madurai in the early 1980.

What love can do to a group of happy-go-lucky friends is the crux of the story. The highlight is that the entire movie unfolds in early 1980s. The sets have been carefully erected to suit the period. Intense research has been done and the costumes famous during those days have been recreated for the movie Subramanyapuram.

Chennai 600028 Fame, Jay plays the hero of this movie and Telugu actress Swathi plays the heroine. Director Sasikumar, Ganja Karuppu and Samuthirakani play supporting roles. Cinematography is by Kadhir.

Santosh Subramaniam ready for early release

The movie Santosh Subramaniam starring Jeyam Ravi and Genelia is ready for a early release. The movie is directed by M Raja and produced by Kalpathi S Agoram. Jeyam Ravi teams up with his brother M. Raja for the film Santosh Subramanium. The film, produced by A.G.S. Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

A remake of Telugu hit Bommarillu, Santosh Subramaniam features Prakash Raj and Jayam Ravi as father-son. The film stars Prakash Raj as Ravi’s father and the flim’s focus is on father-son bonding. The movie also stars Sayaji Shinde. Music is by Devi Sri Prasad; lyrics are by Na. Muthukumar, Pa. Vijay and Yugbharathi.

Former international cricketer Sadagoppan Ramesh plays a prominent role. It is very rare to come across a love story laced with family sentiments. But Santosh Subramaniam will be one, says director Raja.

Thoovanam in US film festival

The movie Thoovaanam has been selected for screening at the coveted Four Site Film Festival in Utah, USA and is the official Indian entry in the film fest which would be held between March 5th to March 8th 2008.

Thoovanam is a low budget movie produced by S. Raman of Sri Vaishnavi Productions. The movie which was released on September 7, 2007 and features Adhitya and Nethra playing the lead roles and the movie directed by the duo Haricharan and Newton. Madhu Ambat handles the cinematography, art is by Krishnamurthi. The film’s soundtrack is by Isaac Thomas Kottukappally.

It can be recalled that Thoovaanam was also screened at the International film festival that happened in kerala on October 7th 2007.