Monday, December 24, 2007

Vadivelu desecrates 1000 year old temple

Vadivelu's films evoke not only laughter, but sometimes protests as well. The ancient 1000 year old Adikesava Perumal temple is located in Sriperumbud Sriperumbudur. Work is on to renovate its gopuram and add gold plates to the vimanam at a cost of 6 cores.

So devotes are not allowed from 9pm to 5am. The shooting of Vaidevelu's 'Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan' was permitted to conduct its shooting there. From early morning, more than 500 people including actors, director and cameraman involved in the shooting started to pour in.

Sets like Yaagagundam and Yaagasalai were put up at the temple. Devotees who had come to pray were put to many difficulties and unable to pray, their irritation reached its height. To make things worse, the used banana leaves after eating and coffee cups were strewn around the temple. The unclean surroundings naturally upset the devotees.

Some among them went to the director of the Municipality and demanded to know how shooting could be permitted in the temple. The answer was, no permission had been given by them!

Following this, the city Congress leader, the DMK secretary of the city unit, members of the Municipality went to the temple and called for a halt to the shooting. But the crew however responded that they had taken formal permission to shoot from the Hindu Religious Board, so they would not stop their shooting.

This resulted in a big argument between the general public and film crew, leading to lot of confusion and panic situation in the temple area. Seeing the situation getting worse, the crew stopped shooting and left.

I don't play a terrorist, explains Vikram

If one does not keep feeding tidbits to the media, they anyway make up their own and run riot. The latest is that Vikram is playing a terrorist in 'Kandasamy.' Is it true? Of course not, says Chiyan. "It's true I'm doing varied roles in 'Kandasamy.' It's also known about what roles I'm doing. But the rumour that I'm playing a terrorist who comes from Italy is not true.

I'm one who raises his voice against injustice. But there is no connection between this story and that of 'Anniyan.' Many scenes that would appeal to children also take place in the film," said Vikram with a touch of annoyance.

It's been 2 years since a film of yours got released?

"It's true. After 'Maja,' I acted in 'Bheema' that seems to be getting delayed to release. This could be disappointing to viewers. To set that right, I've decided to continue to act in films. After 'Bheema' is released, 'Kandasamy' would follow," said Chiyan.

Padmapriya gets glamourous!

After Mirugam, the actress totally needs to color up her act. The movie is not exactly what audiences want to watch on the silver screen, but one has to hand it to Padmapriya for daring to do such a role at the very onset of her career. She has given it her best shot and has managed to carry it off pretty well.

But if you were sulking thinking that she was going to settle into this new mould and bid adieu to commercial flicks and glamor, we have good news for you! The actress is happy that her acting skills have won praise through Mirugam, but she believes that glamor is as important as acting and promises that her upcoming film will show her in that light.

Watch this space for stills from her up coming flick Durai with Action King Arjun and let’s see if she sticks to her promise!!

Old and New Billa watch movie together

The old Billa and new Billa watched the movie together at the Four Frames Preview Theatre in Chennai on Thursday evening. Ajith Kumar, Shalini, director Vishnuvardhan and producer L. Suresh watched the movie along with the original Billa Rajinikanth. The director and producer of Billa had planned to screen the movie specially for Rajinkanth on Dec 12th on the superstar’s birthday, but since Rajini spent his birthday in Bangalore, the screening was delayed.

It can be recalled that last week a special screening was organised for Vijay, Suriya, and friends last week. Ajith has been getting positive responses and his stylish adaptation of Billa has been appreciated by his fans and friends.

Mega Star Nite Malaysia Gallery

The Mega Star Nite in Kuala Lumpur was a grand, gala, star-studded extravaganza.

The stage sizzled with the performances of Sandya, Jeevaa, Ramesh, Sangeetha, Abbas, Aparna and Mumtaj. The response from the fans was astounding as they cheered to every move of their favourite stars on the stage.

A comedy programme was presented by K.S. Ravikumar, Manobala, Radharavi, Sreepriya and others.

Veteran actress Manorama was honoured for her contribution to Tamil cinema. She was presented with a statuette by Radharavi, Sarathkumar and Radikaa.

The electrifying performances and the cheering audience at the Melawati Indoor Stadium made December 21st 2007, a memorable day.