Friday, July 18, 2008

Ileana to pair with Rajini

Ileana is but a cow. So how could she not surrender to the superstar's charisma?

Though Ileana made her debut in Tamil, it was Telugu films that gave her top billing and crores. So she is naturally might miffed with Kollywood.

When asked to star with Vijay, Ajith, Surya and such front line actors, she haughtily turned down the offers saying she was very busy. But Rajini has now made her change her mind.

In 'Sultan the Warrior,' Soundarya planned to feature a lady of Rajini's imagination. She has now signed on Ileana., when she and Ileana met in Chennai. Ileana is very particular in money matters but her friends have advised her on the importance of 'Sultan the Warrior' and made her adjust her fee rate.

Was Ameer right in what he said?

At a recent film function, Ameer passed some critical remarks on A R Rehman. “If he can compose music for experienced directors like Balachander and Bharatiraja, why does he not compose music for people like us? Don't we appear like directors to him?” He also wondered why Rehman did not come forward to score music for sensitive films.

Passing of such remarks at a function where AR Rehman was not present has caused dissatisfaction to Rehman supporters. They argue that Rehman has scored music for experienced as well as upcoming directors. 'Sillunu Oru Kaadhal,' 'Azhagiya Thamizh Magan' and 'Sakkarakatti' are all made by debut making directors.

Don't Deepa Mehta's 'Fire' and 'Water,' Aamir Khan's 'Lagaan' and 'Rang De Basanti' rank as sensitive films? They accuse Ameer of targeting remarks at prominent film personalities like Mani Ratnam, Kamal and A R Rehman after the success of 'Paruthiveeran.'

“All this galatta after just one hit?” is their question.

Glam Nayan in 'Villu'

Nayantara danced with Vijay to a song sequence in Sivakasi. This is her first film opposite Vijay. Earlier, Nayan was to have acted as Vijay's heroine in 'Kuruvi' but Trisha had her way and grabbed the role.

'Villu' shooting is happening at Pollachi and Pazhani. Nayantara has a homely role in this. That is one reason for signing her on.

After seeing the stills of Nayantara in 'Kuselan' and 'Sathyam,' the 'Villu' crew went into a panic. Nayan dripped of glamour, even to the extent of donning a two piece. So, won't her fans feel betrayed if she was not shown even in a glimpse of her glamorous best?

The 'Villu' team set about transforming Nayan from homely to glamorous. One important scene is to take place at Kerala's Adirampalli Falls where a wet Nayan shall let people's imaginations run haywire.

'Villu' is sure to be a jillu film for sure!

Conflict between Arjun and Perarasu?

Confusion over a conflict between an actor and a director on the sets and the subsequent cancellation of the shooting led to rumors that the two involved were Arjun and Perarasu. Here are the details that led to this presumption. Kavithalaya is producing two ventures: Krishnaleeai and Thiruvannamalai. While the former features Jeevan and is

directed by Selvan, the latter is directed by Perarasu and Arjun stars in it. Rumors about the tussle in a Kavithalaya production film led to tongues wagging and pointing to Arjun and Perarasu, while originally it was between Jeevan and Selvan. But all is well as K. Balachander, the patriarch of Kavithalaya, has interfered and sorted out the issue.

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70 lakhs for Silambarasan and Rachana

Silambarasan is never tired of trying out new things! The actor is presently busy with his dream project Silambattam. According to our sources, Silambarasan has roped in a Mumbai model Rachana Maurya for a dance sequence. The dance was choreographed with about 30 Mumbai and 120 Chennai models apart from Silambarasan and

Rachana Maurya. Apparently Rachana was paid Rs. 5 lakhs to shake her leg in this song. According to producers K. Muralidharan and Swaminathan, the song was shot at a budget of Rs. 70 lakhs

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Gopika weds!

Gopika carved a niche for herself in the Tamil film industry with movies like Autograph, Em Magan, etc. The actress, after a brief stint in the tinsel town, decided to take wedding vows. Her engagement to Ajilesh, an NRI doctor, took place on July 13th. The marriage ceremony took place according to the Christian customs at Ernakulam Kothamangalam

Marthoma Church yesterday (17-July-2008) amidst close family and friends. A reception for the newlyweds will be held at the Avenue Centre, a five-star hotel, in Ernakulam on July 20th. Film personalities from Kollywood and Mollywood are expected to grace the occasion. Gopika intends to settle in Ireland with her doctor husband. wishes Gopika a very happy married life.

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Rajini’s voice irritates people

Private telephone service providers have come out with novel methods of advertising - some of which are interesting, while some are not. There are incoming calls, which when picked, tells you about various promotional campaigns in a recorded mimicry voice. Recently one of the leading service providers in Chennai has opted for a unique

way to promote their services. They have used Rajinikanth's voice to advertise their products. Don’t jump to conclusions immediately... a mimicry artist who speaks in the unique voice of the Superstar asks you to download Kuselan tones, pushing many such schemes. Though the user is thrilled to hear the Rajinikanth’s voice at first, they get irritated by the continuous barrage of such unsolicited calls. Initially, it was thought to be some kind of promotional campaign for the film but later it was realized that it was only from the telephone company

A talent from Rahman’s stable

Pasupathy is on a roll now. He has been continuously committed to film after film and the talented star is certainly enjoying his work. After wrapping up Kuselan with the super star, he has moved on to Vedigundu Murugesan which is touted to be a comedy caper. Further on, he will be doing the role of Nana Patekar in Taxi No. 9211 in the Tamil version.

After this, he would be working with debutant director Balu who had apprenticed with veteran film maker Bhagyaraj in many movies. Balu will be directing his first film titled Seetharaman which will go on floors on the 19th of August. Seetharaman is said to be a story about father and daughter; it also handles the theme of love in a different manner. The film will certainly not be a tearjerker but a laugh riot just like the films of Balu’s mentor, Bhagyaraj. Seetharaman will be introducing a new music director: Sivan who had worked with A R Rahman. Film of debutants indeed!

Kuselan ready to be shipped

Tamil films, off late, have been creating quite an impact in the global markets. Earlier only Bollywood films were considered to be capable enough to compete in the world market. But a string of Tamil films that have made it to the international film festivals has created a niche for Kollywood films, no doubt. The next in line for which the international

audience is waiting is Kuselan. The film is almost ready and the final correction work is on at present, says inside sources. Meanwhile, it has been announced that Kuselan will hit the screens on August 1st in India while the US audience will get to see the movie a day prior to this. The film's copy is due to be shipped to the US on Monday, states some very reliable sources.

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Ilayaraja's medical miracle

A Tamil couple living in Germany thanked maestro Ilayaraja, which also left the music director stunned, for the great medical miracle that he performed unwittingly. The incident was reported in a well-known magazine recently. Well, it seems that a few months ago the young couple was told by the doctors in Germany

that the child in the mother's womb showed no movement. The worried couple went back home and turned on their music set to listen to Ilayaraja's Thiruvasagam. Surprisingly, the lady started to feel the baby kicking. They repeated the music many times and felt the same result. The doctors were also surprised when the lady delivered the baby a few months later through normal labor.

As a token of gratitude, the couple recently visited the maestro to pay respects and express their gratefulness.

Now, that's a true medical miracle from the maestro!

Marma Yogi Photo Gallery

Even before the release of Kamal’s Dasavatharam, everyone is curious to know what his next movie is going to be. Sources have it that Kamal’s next movie will be Marma yogi
Kamal Hassan is said to have started pre-production work on his new film Marmayoghi, which he is directing and producing, on first copy basis for the corporate Reliance Adlabs.

Talks are on to finalise the rest of the crew for Marma Yoghi. Rumor is that he has already contacted Bollywood actress Kajol, to play the heroine in this film and the music is by A.R Rahman.

Marma Yogi is also an old MGR flick, known as the first Tamil movie to receive an ‘A’ certificate in 1951. This is the second time that Kamal is using an old MGR title for a film of his. Earlier he had used the title Sathi Leelavathi (1936).

This movie is said to be a multi-lingual releasing in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.